Safety & Cleanliness

To protect both staff and visitors, we have put in place many enhanced cleaning and safety measures this year.  All rides and attractions will be cleaned between uses, hand sanitiser is available throughout the park, all visitors and staff will be temperature checked on arrival and social distancing measures will be enforced throughout the park. 

Please keep checking back for any current restrictions on attractions during your visit. 

2023 Opening Hours

The Leisure Park will be closed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 3rd January to 2nd April

To make the most of quieter times to make some important updates and refurbishments to the park, we’ll be closed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of each week from Tuesday  3rd January until Sunday 2nd April. 

The park will be open as normal on Thursday – Sunday each week and we look forward to seeing you all soon!

Our Bowling Alley and bar will be open throughout: 

Monday to Thursday 10am to 9pm

Friday and Saturday 10am to 10pm

Sunday 10am to 5pm