The Animals

Our Rabbit House is full of the sweetest, cuddliest little fluff balls you could hope to see. Your little ones will love getting up close with our adorable little critters and we’ve got three sessions a day where they can enjoy snuggles with the rabbits.  It’s a really great chance for kids to get some hands on experience with our loveliest residents

In touch with the animals

Monday - Saturday:
11am - 12pm
2:30pm- 3:30pm

Important Opening Information

The leisure park soft and outside play areas will be closed on Monday – Friday for three weeks from Monday 31st January while we perform some of our regular seasonal maintenance.

The good news is that we’ll still be open at the weekends from 10am – 5pm!

Bowling, dodgems and food in our main building will be open as usual so do take advantage of our awesome bowling offer – where you get your second game free!

Long Eared and Adorable

Our rabbits love to be held and cuddled nice and gently.  Team Trethorne will be on hand to make sure your little ones are able to have a heartwarming snuggle with these sweet creatures. 

The Cutest Critters

The guinea pigs really love a little scratch behind those adorable ears thrown in with their cuddles too.  You’ll find it hard to tear yourself away from the unbelievable cuteness but there’s plenty more to explore.